How To Bet on Esports

Tournaments and Match Formats

Today, esports have become some of the most revered sports in the world. They are very interesting because of the diversity and the fact that players can take the roles of various characters. The tournaments are even more enjoyable to bettors because they have provided a new wagering niche. Therefore, what is the best way to be successful in esports betting?

To bet on esports, the first step is to understand the tournaments and match formats. Here are the main categories:

  • Best of 1: A single game that is played between teams that are in groups.
  • Best of 3: This match is used in the knockout tournament stages.
  • Best of 5: This is probably the longest type esports match. It is mainly seen in the knockout stages and finals. The matches take 2-5 hours based on the game.
  • Double Round Robin: This is a tournament where every team plays each other two times. The teams get points based on whether they lose, win, or draw.
  • Swiss seeding: These type of matches are used when many teams signup for tournaments on esports sites. First, the teams are drawn randomly and then advance based on the points they get in groups.

Game Selection

Another important tip on esports betting is careful game selection. But which game should you pick? You should look for the games that you understand and fancy. For example, some of the most interesting games in esports are the first-person shooter video games. Once you have selected the preferred game, analyze the teams well and pick your bets. And finally, make sure you place bets on sites that are verified and trustworthy. You don't want your personal information compromised, and the only way to ensure this doesn't happen is by gambling on safe online casinos. If you are having trouble finding websites like this, we have you covered. Visit and enjoy maximum security while wagering on your favorite esports teams.

Types of Bets

Before you can start betting on esports, it is also crucial to understand the different types of bets. Note that the type of bets that you can place depends on a specific type of tournament. Here the main types of bets that you can place on various esports tournaments.

  • Match winner bet.
  • Match result bet.
  • Round winner bets.
  • Correct score bets.
  • Over /under bets.
  • First team bet.
  • Group winner / tournament winner bets.
  • In-play bets.

Because esports is still at a nascent stage, the types of bets that you can place are expected to increase as the sport develops.

Top Esports Betting Sites

If you want to bet on esports online, it is advisable to use the best betting sites. These are the sites that make it easy for players to join, play and win. Here are the top five esports betting sites that you should use.

  • Bet365: This is one of the leading esports betting sites in the world. It has cut a name for itself because of its intuitive platform and impressive bets.
  • Betway: This is another top betting site that no player wants to miss because of the large diversity of esports games. From League of Legends to Dota 2, be sure of getting them on Betway.
  • Onehash: Whether you are new or have been betting on esports for some time, one esports betting site that will never disappoint is Onehash. In addition to listing a wide range of esports, the site also offers impressive bonuses to players.
  • Betsson: Betsson is a high-rated esports betting site because of three things; diverse games, bonuses, and security.
  • Online casinos: One of the best sites for esports betting is online casinos. They not only offer a diversity of esports for bettors, but also allow players to bet for free using casino bonus. Once you identify a legal casino offering your preferred esports, simply open a betting account and use the no deposit casino bonus to play for free and win real money. In short, you can definitely win real money, playing your favorite casino games. Why don’t you try, and get the top-rated casino bonuses and regular player promotions.

Esports is the new thriller in online betting. From USA to Asia, they have become the must-watch and bet options for enthusiasts. This guide has demonstrated the best tips you can use to enjoy wagering on esports more and winning real money.


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