Esport Tournaments With FPS Games

For about two decades, First Person Shooter (FPS) games have become the dominant face of PC gaming. They let players explore anything that can be imagined; from the depth of hell to the reaches of the space. They are simply the best. This post explores the most popular FPS games on steam.

Top Ten FPS Games on Steam

  • Titan Fall 2

Titan Fall 2 is one of the best FPS video games you can play today. It was developed by EA and Respawn, and focuses on improving everything in the previous version. The game juxtaposes crunchy, nimble pilot and industrial match brawling combat in a unique way that will keep you wanting more.

  • Doom

This is one of the best classic FPS games that have become very popular because of its unique plot. The game requires you to use combat skills with special guns to overcome walking corpses and angry monsters. You will also find the game very enthralling because of its speed and impressive features.

  • Overwatch

This is another popular FPS game that requires teamwork to fight and overcome enemies. You have to master how to use various weapons and shields to defend yourself and conquer the enemy. Another impressive thing about the game is that you have a vast combination of characters, which means you enjoy many ways of playing the game.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is a tactical FPS video game designed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. The game puts two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, against each other. In the game, you have to eliminate the other team with guns, bombs and taking hostages.

  • Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a continuation of the highly successful first version. In the game, you have to fight the zombies that crash live waves, leap across gaps, and crawl up walls. But it is not just the zombies you are fighting. You have to fight against Smokers, Hunters, and defend yourself from Bombers.

  • Apex Legends

This is another top-rated FPS video game developed by Respawn Entertainment. What makes this game enthralling is that it combines elements of other top-rated games such as the Titanfall series with evolving narratives to make a new gameplay.

  • Battlefield 1

This is a series of popular first-person shooter games designed by EA Dice. In the game, you are required to work in teams, and fight in theaters based on major fights such as the Vietnam War and action movies.

  • Metro Exodus

This is a five-star rated first-person shooter game created by 4A Games. The game combines stealth and survivor horror elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the former soviet where the player has to cope with hazards, hostile humans, and mutated creatures.

  • Superhot

This is a first shooter game that requires the player to fight enemies using sophisticated guns and other weapons. The game is developed by Superhot Team.

  • Half-Life

Half-Life is one of the best first-person shooter video games where the player takes the role of Gordon Freeman. Then, the player has to fight human enemies and aliens with an assortment of complex weapons.

The Future of Esports (fps games esport tournaments)

Esports has grown tremendously, especially in the last two decades. By 2018, the viewers and enthusiasts had reached 380 million. This number is expected to hit 550 million by 2021 because of the thrill of best FPS games tournaments.

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To place your bets for free, you start by identifying a legal online casino and registering for a betting account. Then, use the no deposit casino bonus to place your bets free and win real money.

Whether you are new to esports games or simply want to try something different, first-person shooter tournaments on steam will never disappoint. Try one today!


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